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Islamic Swimwear

World's Most Stylish Islamic Swimsuit!

Five Alsharifa Swimsuit Styles:

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LAGUNA Swimsuit : Gray / Pink

Available Sizes (Choose one):

  • Price: $99.00
  • NEW SIMILAR COLOR: BROWN / CORAL. Click here to see it.

LAGUNA Swimsuit : Plum / Grape

Available Sizes (Choose one):

XXL 3XL      

  • Retail Price: $99.00
  • Promotional Price (thru August 15, 2013): $75.00

LAGUNA Swimsuit : Navy / Sky

Available Sizes (Choose one):

XL XXL 3XL    

  • Price: $99.00

RIVIERA Swimsuit : Black / Pink

Available Sizes (Choose one):

    S M L

  • Price: $99.00
  • Color Options: Also available in Baby Blue Stitch.

SURF-Style Swimsuit : Turquoise / White

Available Sizes (Choose one):


  • Clearance Price: $65.00
  • White Band on Tunic: DOUBLE-LAYERED.

SPORTIVA Swimsuit : Navy / Sky

Available Sizes (Choose one):

    S M L
XL XXL 3XL    

  • Price: $95.00
  • Color Option: Also available in Black / Magenta.

SPORTIVA Athletique | Limited-Edition Swimsuit

Available Sizes (Choose one):

    S M L

  • Price: $99.00
  • Special Fabric for Athletes and Frequent Users
  • Focus on Performance more than casual swimming

girl surf swimsuit

GIRL SURF Full Cover Swimsuit Swimsuit

Available Sizes (Choose one):

  • Price: $33.00
  • No Hood Piece. Water Resistant Fabric.
  • For young Girls ages 5 to 8.

MALIBU Swimsuit : Navy / Pink

Available Sizes (Choose one):

G1 G2 P1 P2 P3
P4 P5      

This style is for PETITE WOMEN, GIRLS, and JUNIORS. It features a shorter inseam.

    - G1 & G2 : Girls Sizes
    - P1 thru P6 :  Petite Sizing
  • Price: $65.00 to $95.00
  • Color Options: Also available in Navy Blue / Sky Blue

testimonial quotes icon Don't take our word for it, read what our customers say:
"Excellent product! I've purchased other swimsuit products before but found this to be the best. The material was light weight and the hijab hood fit comfortably. Also, the sizing matched what was listed on the web - a definite plus! The only criticism was the pants were a little long, but it was easy enough to make it shorter. This is a great product with great service - I definitely recommend it!.."
Faten H., California, USA - August 2009
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KEY POINT TO REMEMBER about our swimsuits:

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