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1. Customer Service Reviews.

- Customer Service, by J. S. of Einhausen, Germany (January 18th, 2011): "Thank you so much! My package arrived today. I do not know how you got it here so fast, but thank you! I am so glad to have another shop I can find some modest skirts at for non-budget busting prices in my size!"

- Customer Service, by T. C. of Calgary, Canada (January 6th, 2011): "awesome! thanks! you guys really do have amazing customer service, mashaallah."

- Customer Service, by S. A. of Kuwait, Kuwait (December 29th, 2010): "Dear Alsharifa , I would like to thank you for your help to get my required item on my travel destination. Thank you very much for the great customer service, and your product was more than I imagined, the swimwear was better even of what you mention on your ads. So again thank you very much."

- Customer Service, by R. G. of Singapore, Singapore (December 27th, 2010): "Thanks ! I've received my order. Your service was speedy and excellent."

- Customer Service, by Z. A. of Minneapolis, MN (February 18th, 2010): "Once again, I continue to be impressed and amazed with your remarkable customer service. I would buy elephants from you if you were selling them!"

- Customer Service, by S. A. of Auburn, AL (February 21st, 2010): "WOW I am really impressed by your service! My bust size is actually 36 but I like to wear my clothes a bit loose so that's why I ordered size 8/10. Keeping your calculations into consideration, I think the Green tunic should fit fine in the 6/8 size.
Thank you again for taking the time out to consider my order and the size discrepancy. This is a first from a vendor for me and I am truly impressed! :-)"

- Customer Service, by A. B. of Alsip, IL (February 26th, 2010): "assalamualaikum. you guys take service to a whole new level. thank you and may allah bless you with much success."

- Customer Service, by D. C. of St. Louis Park, MN (March 2nd, 2010): "Thank you so much for your help. I apologize for the confusion! I am not sure how that happened, but I really appreciate you reconciling it. Alsharifa has excellent customer service. Thanks again!"

- Customer Service, by S. A. of Auburn, AL (April 2nd, 2010): "Thank you so much Kelly for the free kurti as a gift. I really appreciate it very much! The material feels great! and I wore it today and a couple of ladies wanted to know where I got it from :) Hopefully they'll order the kurtis from your site as well. If they order something then we'll just place one order together that way you won't have to do multiple shipments. If you haven't reimbursed me for the green kurti that I had ordered, then I would like to hold off on your offer for exchanging it with another kurti so that I can combine it with the above order if it comes to fruition. If not, I'll let you know. Jazakallah for such great customer service! You've been a complete sweetheart throughout this sales process! :)"

2. Swimsuit Reviews..

- SPORTIVA Swimsuit, by T. C. of Calgary, AB, Canada (January 24th, 2011): "a couple of weeks ago i purcahsed the sportiva swimsuit from your site and i just wanted to say jazakallahu khair! it's amazing, mashaallah. it fits perfectly, exactly according to the size standard advertised on your website. it is exceptionally high quality construction and fabric, it looks great on a...nd it arrived in about 3 business days even though it was international shipping! even more impressive is that you can actually swim in this suit, not just splash around. fantastic! i have recommended it to all my friends!"

- MALIBU Swimsuit, by H. H. of Herndon, VA (January 6th, 2011): "I wanted to thank you for my order. I used my suit today and I absolutely LOVE it! The fit is perfect and its so comfortable and best of all, the fabric doesn't cling to my body once I got out of the water the way my other Islamic swimsuits used to. Thank you for making such a great product. May Allah give you great success. "

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by K. D. of Youngstown, OH (August 18th, 2010): "I got my order on Monday...that's the quickest I have ever gotten anything in the mail! I am very satisfied with the quality of the swimsuit and it fits well. I had ordered one a couple weeks before from another site and I was very unhappy with it so I returned it. Yours are the best! Thank you so much for your promptness and the awesome customer service!!"

- MALIBU Swimsuit, by C. A. of Toronto, ON, Canada (July 30th, 2010): "I got my swimsuit and I love it. It fits well and looks so elegant. I will be wearing it this weekend..Thank you so much. I am going to enjoy wearing it."

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by R. A. of Euless, TX (June 25th, 2010): "Thank You.Jazakom Allah khairan. I got my swimsuit today and it fits me perfectly.. I can't wait to use it. Jazkom Allah Khairan."

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by S. A. of Lowell, MA (May 15th, 2010): "Salamo Alikom - I just want to say thank you so much for the Stilysh Swimwear ,it fits perfect and also shipped fast ,i`m wearing it now and writing this message , i really like the product , and also thank you for the help that i get from the phone , i will tel my friend about your product , and for sure i will order more from you , i`m so happy .Thanks"

- SPORTIVA Swimsuit, by A. C. of Aurora, CO (May 5th, 2010): "I just wanted to write and thank you for the prompt and proper delivery. Got my order today and I LOVE the SPORTIVA swimsuit I ordered--the Navy/Lt Blue is a great color combo and it fit perfectly! Not too loose, not too tight. I loved everything about it so far masha'Allah--the ties so that the top doesn't float up, the tight head cover that really keeps me covered, and even the free tote--what a cool idea!! Jazakum Allahu Khairan--I can't wait to go swimming now!! "

- SPORTIVA Swimsuit, by S. F. of St. Charles, IL (May 13th, 2010): "...just wanted to say thanx. I am loving my swimsuit.. Its just awesome.."

- SPORTIVA Swimsuit, by S. K. of Aurora, ON, Canada (December 10th, 2009), one-day delivery to Toronto: "yes I got it around 5pm this evening, talk about amazing delivery time! I tried it on and it's perfect. My husband was happy too and liked the colour. Jazak Allah Khair :)"

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by J. A. of Mississauga, ON, Canada (November 22nd, 2009): "Salam alikum mashallah I'am very happy and excited with my new veilkini(bathing suit).I have tried it on and absolutly love it .The quality of the product is amazing and you have thought of everything including the tie downs for the shirt.I was always a lover of water and since embracing islam 10 years age its been a challenge to find a way to swim with my husband and kids,thanks to you guys I can do everything I love doing.Jazaak allah . may allah reward you for your hard work and dedication."

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by A. E. of Atlantic, IA (March 3rd, 2010): "Asalaamu Alaikoum! Thank you for adding this plus size item!! :) By the way, I LOVE the swimsuit I ordered!!!! Thank u so much!!!! :) :) :) "

- LAGUNA Swimsuit, by S. S. of Ann Arbor, MI (March 18th, 2010): "Hope everything is going well. Just wanted to let you know that I loved the veilkini I had purchased from you. Thank you so much for taking your time out to come to the Canton mosque early Sunday morning to exchange the suit. I really appreciate it. I went to my swimming class last Thursday and the suit was so light and airy and very comfortable. It didn't feel heavy and it didn't drag in the water at all. Since I got over my fear of how I would look in my bathing suit, now, I just have to get over my fear of putting my face in the water. I told my friend about you... May Allah bless you and your family and keep up the great work. What you are doing is wonderful and May Allah reward you for all your good deeds-Ameen. Take care. S. (a very satisfied customer)"

3. Designer Tops (Kurti) Reviews.

- Mahnaz Tunic, by S. S. of West Chester, PA (January 2011): "received the items i love it thank you very much"

- Sultana, Bijoux, Mandala, by T. D. of Adah, PA (March 2010): "Recvd my order on the tunics..absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for the extra tunic. I will order from AlSharifa again! :)"

- Alia Tunic (Ivy) PLUS SIZE, by A. R. of St. Cloud, FL (May 2010): "I am most pleased with the tunic I purchased from you. It is lovely and very light material for the heat. I hope you are having many sales for the larger size. "

- Sultana Tunic (Red), by M. D. of Euless, TX (February 2010): "Just wanted to let you know I received the two items and I'm THRILLED! They are great! Thank you So much!"

- Nouveau Tunic (Black) + Sultana (Red) + Mandala (Red), by J. P. of Middletown, NY (February 2010): "I just got my tunic order this past weekend.. I love them! Thank you so much, and they're wonderfully soft. I'm sure I'll be back again..."

- Modern Fuschia Kurti Tunic, by A.O. of Bowling Green, KY (October 2009): "I received my items last week, I just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and write back to you. I LOVE all of my items, especially the shirt. I'm really happy."

- Modern Green Kurti Tunic, by A.S. of Syracuse, NY (November 2009): "The first kurti was a gift for my mother and she absolutely loved it. Thanks."

- Ethnic Black / Orange Kurti Tunic, by J.L. of Henderson, NV (December 2009): "I received today Friday my order, and I loved everything especially the black/orange one, the fabric is so soft and I love how it falls."

- Printed Classic in Sage Green, by K.M. of Egg Harbor, NJ (December 2009): "Thank you i received my order.I LOVE MY TUNIC !!!!!!!!! In the same size what do you have in stock. I am ready now to place another order and have spread the word about your website."

- Princess Black Kurti Tunic, and other tunics, by Y.A. of Joliet, IL (November 2009): "P.S. I just rec'd my order and I love all of my shirt. material is awesome and prints are beautiful. thank you."

- Princess Black Kurti Tunic, by S. G. of Schaumburg, IL (December 2009): "Love it. thank you!"

- Princess Black Kurti Tunic, by I.M. of Dearborn, MI (December 2009): "Today I received my order and I really liked it . ..........Thank you ."

....and by Asma H. of Plainfield, IL (December 2009): "I rec'd the kurti yesterday. It's nicer than it looks in the picture. thank you"

- Princess Black Kurti Tunic Feedback on, early December 2009:

black long kurti feedback on ebay

4. Long Skirts Reviews.

- Long Skirt Fishtail (Gray), by K. C. of Orlando, FL (October 2010): "I wanted to tell you I love the items from my last order and the skirt so much. I just had to have a couple more. My dress code for work is business casula and these are perfect as well as wearing them anywhere else. Also, thanks for the quick delivry:-)"

- Long Skirts Feedback on

Very Long Woman Skirt