Earn Cash with Alsharifa

Alsharifa.com offers 3 ways to earn cash! Each activity takes about 1 minute.

1. FREE Swimsuit Drawing. You can join our once-a-month newsletter to get special promotions with coupon codes, and for a chance to win a swimsuit ($100 value!) of any color or size of your choosing. To join simple add your email address in the Newsletter box on the side panel of this page.

2. Take Our 4-Question Survey. Alsharifa.com would like to keep improving its website and offer. We would love to hear from you about your online experience at our site. In return, you will be entered in a high-chance-to-win $20 PayPal Gift Card drawing. 1-in-10 wins! Start Survey here.

3. Become An Affiliate. Join our affiliate program and earn 10% on the net proceeds from sales transactions resulting from the use of your private affiliate link and Coupon Code. The person you refer gets a discount, and you get a referral fee of 10%. It is a win-win scenario. To become an affiliate, please REGISTER HERE. This is a professional program and you will have direct access to a Dashboard showing your referrals, commissions, etc. anytime you like!

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