Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find answers to your questions, please email us.


What Payment Methods Can I Use?

Alsharifa.com provides three payment options:

(1) Direct Credit Cards Processing. No PayPal account is required. You can use any major credit card e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, and European / Asian cards.

(2) PayPal Account Payment. If you have a PayPal account, you may use it to checkout (Instant Payment.)

(3) eCheck. This option is available through PayPal accounts only. Please note that using this option will cause a delay in shipment. PayPal provides an estimate of check clearing dates. As soon as PayPal gives the go-ahead to ship, typically we process the order the same day the notification is received.

Do you store my credit card information on your server or database?

Absolutely not. Alsharifa.com does not collect any credit card data. The credit card information is transferred over Secure 128-bit Layers (SSL Technology) and into the PayPal network were the credit card transaction is processed securely. PayPal is the premier credit card processor with the most advanced secure processing systems.


Where can I input a promotional Coupon Code?

Once you decide to checkout, you will find a Discount / Coupon field in the side panel of the shopping cart pages.

 Where can I get Coupon Codes for Alsharifa.com?

Loyalty type Coupon Codes are sent directly to existing customers periodically.

Promotional coupon codes are available at major coupon websites or through local reach coupon clippers inserts. Alsharifa.com provides a chance to win $20.00 for filling out a quick 4-5 Question survey form. Please refer to the Promotion box on the right column of the website.


Is the Size Chart based on product size or person's actual size?

Sizes shown are based on the Product (garment) measurements.

When I first tried my swimsuit, the neck felt very tight, why?

Our lines of swimsuit were designed so that the hood stays securely in place. If your hood feels tight, please try to put it on in the following manner for best fit and comfort. When you put on the tunic, put your head through the face opening first so that the hood is laying back. Then flip the hood up like you would normally wear it.