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Indian Kurti Tunic Size Chart

How To Figure Out Your Garment Size?

1. Measure your favorite tunic / top size Armpit to Armpit - as shown to the right. Record this length.
2. Choose the nearest measured length at the top of the Interactive Table below.
3. YOUR GARMENT SIZE should be the one highighted in the GREEN BOX.

Indian Kurti Size USA
Armpit-2-Armpit Measurment =
Size (USA) Named Size (USA) Unit Garment Bust Size Garment Waist Garment Hips
International Size Equivalence


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[OPTIONAL] Interactive Table Above Confusing? Please follow Static Table below.

The easiest way to figure out your size. Take one of your favorite tunics. Measure the distance from armpit-2-armpit, say 18 inches. Multiply by 2, this is garment bust size of 36". From the table below, this is size 4 (US.)

SIZE [ XS ] is available on most tunic styles, this measures 36" and is size US = 4

kurti size chart