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Alsharifa Brands logo is the global online storefront for both Veilkini swimsuits, and Alsharifa swimsuits.

Alsharifa Swimsuits are made in the USA, while Veilkini swimsuits are made in China. owns the TRADEMARK on both alsharifa and Veilkini swimsuits. The ALSHARIFA Swimsuit product is the fastest-growing line of modest Islamic swimsuits the world over.

Alsharifa swimsuits are guaranteed to be world-class in quality, selection, and price. Today, Alsharifa swimsuits are the World's Bestselling and Most Stylish Islamic Swimsuits.

Read Swimsuit Reviews, or  Visit our Facebook Fans page for swimwear discussions. is the primary e-commerce web store that carries its product lines. There are other resellers in global locations selling this product as authorized resellers of  Some resellers requested to be listed here.

Why Should You Consider a Swimsuit from

1. Creative Design.
Alsharifa keeps on its team some of the brightest minds that know how to research and design products based on market demand and Islamic fashion trends. Our product styles speak for themselves and sit at the top of the list of Islamic swimsuit products.
2. Quality Control.
Alsharifa product managers travel to the manufacturing plants to observe every production order in person. A list of quality control measures was put in place and is adhered to systematically. Every swimsuit is individually inspected. Alsharifa uses the highest quality fabrics, including proprietary UV protection materials. Tailoring / Stitching equpiment used to make our swimsuits is of best-in-class. To date and since 2009, alsharifa has had ZERO manufacturing defects reported by customers.   This is an exceptional track record!
3. Optimal Price.
Islamic swimwear products in the same category as Alsharifa, even ones with much lower quality and less attractive styles, retail in the US near $135. Alsharifa through the outlet has made a decision to keep Islamic swimsuits more affordable.
4. Swimwear Experts.
The Alsharifa team has in its ranks very experienced swimwear designers who lived most of their lives in coastal areas in the Middle East, and the USA. The Alsharifa swimwear design is also audited with each new change by a panel of peers from 4 global locations to ensure that changes are acceptable to the different geographic locations. Alsharifa has in its staff members chemical engineers who advise on the coatings on top of the fabric and aerodynamic engineers that work on swimsuit geometric aspects, swimming performance, and swimmer stability in the water.
5. Alsharifa Listens To You.
Every where at, you will be kindly requested for your feedback. The same process continues post-sales to ensure every customer is happy with the purchase s/he makes, and to also collect new information to improve the product design over time. It is work in progress, and you, our prospective customer, are part of it!