Khaleeji Flower Clip / Shabasa [Shimmery Design]


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This is a beautiful floral design of the Khaleeji Hair Clips.  It includes Rhinestones, Sheer Shimmery Petals, and Ribbons, in addition to the basic flower petals.

Main Features:

  • 7 inches or 17.8 CM Diameter / Width  [This is the smallest item we carry, others are 8 inches / 20 CM!]
  • Soft Polyester Material
  • High Quality Durable Clamp
  • Traditional Floral Design, includes Rhinestones, Sheer Shimmery Petals, and Ribbons.

These products are custom manufactured by alsharifa, they will stand in a class by themselves.  We set high quality production standards.

What is a Khaleeji Flower Clip Used For?

The Khaleeji Flower Hair Clip is used for:

(1) As an ornament on the hair (large hair clip) by women who do not wear scarves

(2) As an ornament on top of a scarf (Hijab)

(3) As an ornament (large hair clip) to create a more voluminous head cover (Hijab.)  This will produce a hijab bump, or more volume behind the head, which is a desired look by many Muslim women. 

Why is it Called Khaleeji?

Khaleeji is the Arabic word meaning "from the Gulf areas", which is the GCC Countries; e.g. UAE, Saudi, Qatar, etc.

Is the Khaleeji Clip the Same as a Gamboo3a or Shabasa?

The Khaleeji Flower Hair Clip is loosely referred to as Gamboo3a or Shabasa.  The hair clip is just a hair clip, Shabasa is a Persian word used to mean hair clip.  So Shabasa is just a hair clip.  Gamboo3a is the resulting product of hijab plus hair clip, this is the entire large volume making up the bumped hijab.  The Gamboo3a is also known as Hijab Bou-Naf5a in the GCC countries, which literally means a Blown-up Hijab (like a balloon).


15-Day Return / Exchange. No Questions Asked so long the product is tagged and unworn beyond trying it on..

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    Posted by Carrie Alnawees on 21st Nov 2014

    I love it, its not too big for my small head, just wish the flowers on side were not so stiff ============== ALSHARIFA.COM: please try the classic hair clip, or any other fabric-based flower hair clip for soft edges. The medium size ones sometimes are used to build more volume in the middle.They are cushioned nicely on the sides in such cases.